When Love Conquered All

Mohona Chowdhury

Preeti opened her file and took out the letter. Tucked in a white, crisp envelope, with a small handwritten note on the top – “To Preeti, the love of my life.” She opened the letter and started reading.

Dear Preeti,

I know by the time you read this letter it will be too late. It is sad how our parents never understood our love. But, how do I let go of all those memories we made?

Do you remember the day we both met for the first time? Of course you do. How can you forget? Your nervousness for the job interview was evident – you wore two different socks! But trust me, you still looked gorgeous that day. I miss how your curls used to brush against my cheek.

And remember the first time we kissed? It felt like my feet had been swept off the world. But unfortunately, the world never understood us. Or our love. Maybe our love was too pure and too innocent for this society, absorbed in its rigid customs and traditions to understand.

Will the world change Preeti? Will couples with innocent love like ours win over the world with their love? Or are they too going to be the victims of this cruel society?

Preeti, before I take your leave, I would like you to remember one thing – I loved you like no one ever did and my love for you will be an everlasting one.

Yours and yours only,


Preeti, wiped away her tears and folded back the letter she had been reading each day for the past eight years.

Her phone buzzed on the table beside the bed and she peeked into it, looking at the notification. A news headline read- “ Section 377 scrapped. Homosexuality now legal in India. “

Preeti smiled and whispered under her breath, “The world has changed Ankita. Finally, our day has come.”


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