Prayers of a Mother

Sanghamitra Ghosh Mitra


The day you came to our lives,

The joy to behold you knew no heights

Amidst much happiness, bliss and glee

Unknowingly a drop trickled by,

Deep within, there was a fear

Unknown, yet so close, with all of us here!

Took a silent oath on that day,

To protect you from all dusk and grey,

To watch you take your first little steps,

To teach you keep yourself away from prey.

To see you grow, dance and play

Spread sunshine on your way,

Makes me happy every day.

Yet the fear keeps nudging me all along

Random thoughts keep lurking around.

Is she really safe and sound?

The mother in me questions every move

Watches every pair of eyes that follow you.

My heart aches every day when I bid you bye

To see your chirpy face back, gives me a high!

Is it the news around that wraps my happiness in bounds?

How I wish to see the world as when I was a child

Pray to Lord, let peace be found…

                                               Illustration by  Debojyoti Mahapatra


  1. Arundhati Sarkar October 5, 2016
  2. Debashis Basu October 22, 2016

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