Prateek Dhar

Robert Rodney went to church on Sundays. He had a perfect Caucasian accent; was very polite, had none but two enemies, David and Daniel. He was a well-built, muscular boy. He got ‘A’s in every test, was respectful to his parents and teachers, and very good in tennis. He wanted to be a bio-engineer when he grew up and looked like Ronald Weasley from the movies.

You would think he is the perfect boy, would you not?


His parents tried to cover up the fact that he still continued to wet the bed even when he was twelve. Every night.

Only one dude knew about his unusual habit. He was Mitchell. Mitchell was the most awesome dude that ever lived. He always wore a blue Aviator jacket, cool shades, and never left home without his smartphone. He was of a short stature, very athletic, and a gamer like Robert.

One fine day, Robert and Mitchell were texting.

Robert: Hey yo, what’s up?

Mitchell: Dude, nothing.

Robert: Did you murder anyone yet?

Mitchell: What?

Mitchell: I am not your friend any more!

Robert: But why not?

Mitchell: You think I am a murderer?? I think I should tell David and Daniel about your habit.


Mitchell: Oh! was it autocorrect? Sorry….

Robert: I hate you.

Mitchell: I will text them saying it was a lie…

Mitchell: Wait, you hate me? I hate you too!

Don’t you feel awesome and happy right now after reading that text? Does it not remind you of cherries in the spring? Don’t you…

Fine, enough sarcasm for a day.

Robert kept on texting Mitchell that he did not mean what he said, but Mitchell did not budge. He knew Daniel Andrew and David Clarkson were the biggest gossipers of the school. His perfect reputation was going to be ruined because of his ex-best friend.

He screamed at the top of his lungs


(Echo phenomenon occurs).

His parents rushed to his room. “What is wrong with you?” They asked. After maybe, like 7 seconds of persuasion Robert confessed the entire tale .

He said: ”Mom, Dad. I have always respected you. Mitchell Jeffrey, my best friend, has told Daniel Andrew and David Clarkson about my ’embarrassing habit’ due to a serious miscommunication. Will you help me?”

Mrs Rodney asked “What is Mitchell’s Number?”

“22661279”, replied Robert .

(Mrs. Rodney dialled the number.)

Mrs Rodney: “Hello, who is this?”

Mitchell: “The Jeffrey Residence.”

Mrs Rodney: “May I speak to Mitchell?”

Mitchell : “Yes. This is Mitchell. Who is this?”

Mrs Rodney: “Ok, this is Robert’s mother and how dare you do such a thing to him!”

Mitchell: “It was not intended…”

Mrs Rodney: “Come to my house this instant!”

Mitchell: Sure. “I will be there in 3 mins.”

(Call disconnected).

Mrs Rodney muttered some curses towards the Jeffreys. Meanwhile, Mitchell could not believe his ex-best friend was a complaint box (he was already a bed-wetter).This would seriously reduce his popularity ratings.


Mrs Rodney opened the door.

Mitchell: “Hello, Mrs. Rodney, Mr. Rodney, Robert.”

Mrs Rodney (coldly): “Hello.”

Mitchell: “I have got homework to do today. I do not have time. I will make a deal. Do you want to hear it, Robert Rodney?”

Robert: “I sure do.”

Mitchell: “If you do not wet your bed for a week continuously, I will go and tell David and Daniel that I was simply joking. Finally, we will conduct a test on you. David, Daniel, you and I will have a sleepover. We will watch a horror film. I will not stop David and Daniel from teasing you if you wet the bed.”

(Mitchell left the house.)

Mr Rodney said: “Son, you should accept Mitchell’s challenge.”

Mrs Rodney agreed “I think so too. We will make you go to the bathroom before sleeping and make you watch more horror fims.”

Robert asked “Why are you betraying me?”

Mr. Rodney replied “You need to be brave, braver than what you are now.”

A week later it was the time for the sleepover.

The film chosen was ‘Evil Dead’. It had been one of his training films. While everyone else was shivering over the horror scenes, Robert, like a tough man was making jokes on how terrible the acting was.

Midnight; it was finally time for lights out.

Robert’s bed was dry the next morning.

Mitchell congratulated him and asked him if they could be best friends again.

Robert replied: “Yes!!”

He asked David and Daniel if they would now consider not teasing him.

They replied “No. It does not make up for good gossip.”

Robert Rodney was sure there was a law against murdering people in a sleepover. So he asked Mitchell to cool it .

When Robert went home he reported to Mr Rodney about his success.

Mr Rodney was delighted and gave Robert 5000 bucks to spend.

Robert gave 2000 bucks to Mitchell.

They went to the nearby weapon store.

Robert bought an MSMC gun and a bulletproof jacket while Mitchell bought a Remington 870 MS. (They obviously wore fake beards that made them look like adults and printed the licences at home).

The next day Robert and Mitchell walked into school with their weapons.. Whoever insulted Robert was in the coffin within an hour.



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