About Us

What are we? What about us? Such existential questions are perhaps not too uncommon. But we – Jadavs – are seldom agonized by such existential crisis. Hundreds of miles away from our Alma mater, perched on the high rocks of Deccan plateau, amidst the splendor of Nizami Hyderabad we are proud of our identity – as alumni of Jadavpur University.
And what binds us together? Is it that spirit of restlessness which translates, no not into any jitteriness or disquietude but into activity – a constant endeavor for betterment? Perhaps guided by the same spirit our founder fathers – Rabindranath Tagore or Aurobindo Ghosh had set up the National Council of Education. It is duly transmitted to our DNAs however short the time a Jadav spends on the campus. Some of us left the university almost five decades ago while others just a few years back, yet those silent tugs at our heart strings can be felt wherever we are.
And it is this spirit of restlessness which has inspired us to look beyond our annual literary magazine, Sei Somoy for a creative space in the virtual world. Like the household spider relentlessly weaving its web, connecting however distant and disparate the objects are, we too want to reach out to every Jadav, even those at the farthest corner of the world with our e-magazine. Do read, contribute and spread the word …