Rocky’s Magic Keys

Adrija Mitra

Once upon a time there was a boy named Rocky. His dream was to be a superhero. Everyday he looked for an opportunity to be a superhero but he never found it. Growing up he slowly started giving up on his dream. The dream fairy took pity on him and made a plan. That night in his dreams his favourite superhero gave him a key and said, “I know you want to be a superhero like me and that is why I am giving you this key. If you shake it thrice a door will appear which only you will be able to see, if you open it you will find trouble. Once you save the day, you have to shake the keys thrice again to come out.” Then the superhero vanished into thin air.

Next morning Rocky woke up to find a key under his pillow. He went to the attic excitedly and shook the key thrice, a flash of light appeared and grew into shape of a door. Both excited and at the same time scared he opened the door. He saw a giant robot destroying a city, he also saw his favorite superhero fighting. He hid behind the broken walls and thought of ways to unplug the robot. Suddenly the robot turned its back towards him and he could then locate the plug point of the robot. He dashed for the robot’s back and unplugged it.

The robot fell to the ground with a thud and all the people including his favorite superhero cheered for him. From the next day onwards he kept on saving lives, cities and places using his magic key!

One day as he returned from school and sat down to watch TV, he saw himself and his favourite superhero fighting. He was surprised! Now he understood that the door which opened with the magic key actually led to the TV !

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