Birth Of The Bitter Gourd

Somjeet Dutt

Coming to life from a green vine around a tree,

The just born gourd blinked with glee

On seeing a world so wide and bright,

It wished to grow wings and take flight.


All curious to see the baby,

First arrived the cabbage and carrot family

Followed shortly by his distant aunts,

Shuffling came the beans and egg plants.


All of them cried out in fright

It can only be a demon’s curse,

Oh dear, Oh dear, what a sight!”

He could not have been any worse.”


Not one of them saw the sweetness within,

Not one of them reached out to him

Completely ignoring his virtues and innocence,

They labelled his warts and bumps a menace.


The poor child shouted out in vain,

Leave me not alone, it causes me pain.”

Not one in the cruel world listened,

Day after day his tear drops glistened.


What was meant to be the sweetest pear

Withered and shrivelled awaiting care

What finally remained of this bundle of goodness,

Was a hollow core soaked in bitterness.


But what the world could not snatch,

And no other fruit could ever match

Was its spirit so kind and valuable,

Which makes many a disease curable.


Don’t call it ugly, don’t name it bitter,

For day after day it strives to make us fitter.

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