Land Of Wizards

Aishani Majumdar

It was a Tuesday morning. As I got up to brush my teeth, I saw somebody flying past our window on a broomstick. I was very surprised and curious, but I had no time to think over it as I was getting really late for school. Finally, when I finished dressing up, my father dropped me to school. As I was walking to my class, it seemed that the school building was moving away from me. I ran very fast and reached my class III-C. But as I was catching up with my breath, I wondered if this was the right class? There were lots of new students and I could not find any of my good friends. Instead of our regular textbooks and notebooks, they had big and fat books of magic spells, potions and wands. I made friends with a girl who was smiling at me. Her name was Wanda. We had a running race and I came first. I got a rainbow rose as the first prize. I gave it to Wanda as she wanted it for her magic spells. As I was about to hug my new friend, I heard a very familiar voice calling me ‘Aishani, get up quickly or you will miss your Tuesday test’. Alas, it was only a dream! You may say that wizards do not exist for real, but as Cinderella says, “If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true”.

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