Anushka Pandey

When we think about inspiration, what inspires us most are ordinary people who have done extraordinary things. We appreciate when someone has the ability and willingness to be selfless, creative, innovative, or just dares to be different. Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr- all of them were ordinary people who decided that the world needed their help. They were true leaders, who believed that they could change the world and who, despite nearly impossible odds and tremendous opposition, weren’t afraid to try.

The beautiful thing about inspiration of this kind is that “ordinary” part. Certainly, each of these people had that charismatic ability to lead others to better things. But each of them came from backgrounds of great poverty and difficulty. Each of them faced giant mountains to climb. They managed to reach the summit of those mountains not simply because they were great leaders, but because they were not afraid to be who they were. They were authentic. They demanded authenticity in those who followed them, as well.

What it means is that too many of us fail to see the greatness within ourselves. Too many of us assume that a person is only great if he/she makes national headlines. But press isn’t necessary. In fact, sometimes the most inspiring people in the world go completely unnoticed. What inspires us most is the attempt of men or women who do something for the betterment of society from the small corner of their world. They don’t need headlines.

It is one thing to act on that desire to serve as an inspiration, but it is entirely another to live as that inspiration. This goes back to being authentic. Follow through with the things you promise. Be true to your brand. Be proud of who you are and what you have accomplished. This will inspire those around you to do the same.

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