I Am ….

Protiksha Ukil



I am a volcano,
With soothing green grass growing all over my slopes,
Little huts lining my feet and sometimes snow complementing my head,
But look, look deep enough and you will find bubbling lava under that innocent looking crater,
Provoke me, and I will be the epitome of destruction.

I am a puddle of water,
With insignificant ripples and a dirty brown tint
Shoes keep splashing me or ignoring my existence,
But look, look deep enough ‘else I could hide huge potholes that could leave you crippled,
Fail to acknowledge my presence, and I will leave a broken leg along with a muddy dress, me lady.

I am a rose,
With velvety red petals and sweetest of odours
A symbol of love, a gesture of appreciation,
But look, look deep enough and you will see those little thorns, my defense against those lovers’ preying hands,
Try to hurt me, and I will leave fingers as bloody and red as my lovely petals.

I am a coconut,
With a hard and rough outer shell,
coir growing all over my skin and sometimes three ghostly looking eyes,
But look, look deep enough and you will find tender white softness in my heart,
Open me up, and I will be a soul soother that brightens up your day.

I am a butterfly,
With vibrant wings and painted patterns,
How I metamorphosed from an ugly duckling into this current self, I wonder,
But look, look deep enough and you will realize how fragile my beauty tends to be,
Disturb me a little, let the time pass by and my outer beauty perishes to dust while the mark of happiness that I leave remains.

I am a girl,
With a dark complexion and plenty of pimples
Flabby fat hanging around my hips and a huge blunted nose,
But look, look deep enough and you will find a motherly heart, talent shining through my eyes and a lightning smile that could strike you with its positivity.
You haven’t ventured to find out the true me, I AM a VOLCANO, a PUDDLE OF WATER, a ROSE, a COCONUT, a BUTTERFLY and a lot lot more………………..

Illustration: Protiksha Ukil


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